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If you're a DAO or web3 project interested in finding new contributors, then you're in the right place. And if you're a contributor looking for an exciting task to work on, welcome! 

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We work with good people! That's our motto. So no questions on whether you'll be rugged or taken advantage of while getting your projects off the ground. 


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We've created a seamless process to streamline Web3<>Contributor integration so that building collaboration expectations are no longer ambiguous. 


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It's important to us that you have an easy and enjoyable experience working with InterLace, so offering fantastic customer service is one of the main priorities


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We're using the best contracts to ensure transactions are safe, accounted for, and simple to understand so that you can focus on building.


InterLace is the first-ever curated marketplace where web3 projects and contributors can work on the projects that matter.


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The InterLace team is composed of people that understand the frustrations and pain points people face transitioning from web2 to web3. We're here to help break the ice by connecting a wide range of people and skill sets to DAOs and web3 projects.